Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

Car Rental

Guadeloupe is a very wide island, therefore many different places need to be visited if you want to experience fully the beauty of the Caribbean. As so, a good way to get a chance to discover many places in a short time is to rent a car. Indeed, you will be free to go wherever you want whenever you want. In order to rent a car, you have different options. You can arrange a car rental with one of the international companies directly from the airport by contacting them in advance. We work with 3 major rental companies, please view this page. If you prefer, local companies also offer car rentals from the airport or from many other locations on the island. Getting around Guadeloupe is therefore very easy when you have a vehicle.

The road network is generally good, and the traffic rules and signage are the same as in France, so users drive on the right side of the road. As anywhere else in the world, the roads are sometimes busy and tailgating is common. The rush hours might be earlier than expected in the morning and the afternoon, so you shall always keep in mind when you schedule your day that your trip might take longer than it looks. If your stay is shorter than twenty days, a valid driver’s license is enough to rent a car, but if it is longer, you will be required to have an international driver’s license.

Always be careful when driving, especially at night! Indeed, Guadeloupe is a tropical island and sometimes animals like to go for a walk at night… Keep your eyes opened!


There are taxis everywhere on the island. It might be a good way to get around if you don’t want to rent a car. Taxis are not very expensive, but be careful: the fares are more expensive from 9:00 in the evening to 7:00 in the morning. Also, always be sure to check the fare with the driver before entering the cab. We work with Firmin, which is a very professional taxi man and he can also make private guided tour. Just ask us.


Getting around Guadeloupe can be easily done by bus as well. Indeed, the bus network is pretty dense and buses pass every 15 minutes generally. Buses are really cheap, so they can be the way to go. However, the trips by bus are often significantly longer due to all the bus stops. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the drivers generally only speak French and créole. To get in, make a sign to the driver, or wait next to a bus stop. Bus trips can be a funny way to meet the locals, and experience the local lifestyle. Buses generally run from 5 am until 6 pm. For further information about the bus network, please check the Guadeloupe Tourist Office.

Bikes, scooters

Getting around Guadeloupe can also be done by bike or motorcycle, but be careful : it can be difficult for non-experienced drivers to drive through the mountainous and rocky nature of the island. To rent a motorcycle, a driver’s license is needed.

Finally, you can explore the island during bicycle tours, generally organized by local associations, such as the Association Guadeloupéenne de VTT. Bicycle tours can be adapted according to the level of the rider, and can be a funny and challenging way to get around the island. We recommend bicycle company in St Francois with basic and electric models.