Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

Weather and Temperature

In order to decide when to go to Guadeloupe, you need to get rid of one of the most common misconceptions about Guadeloupe, that is to say the Island is much hotter in summer. The temperature in Guadeloupe remains pretty stable throughout the year, around 22°C to 30°C (72°F to 86°F). Indeed, the trade-winds bring to the island refreshing breezes that are highly enjoyable. The climate is therefore ideal to enjoy your stay in the Caribbean, whatever the season is. Everyday, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise between 5 and 6am, and an incredible dusk between 5:30 and 6:30pm. The sun disappears on the western coast like a huge fire ball diving in the sea.


From December to May, it is the dry season, that we also call Carême. Traditionally, it is the time of the year when most of the tourists come. During this period, you might have to make the reservations months in advance.

The period from June to November is considered as the rainy season, also called hivernage. Although the air is less dry, it is also a great time to go to Guadeloupe because there are less visitors so the lodging rates are cheaper and the island is not crowded.

However, when deciding when to go to Guadeloupe, please keep in mind that the tropical climate is always nice, and that you can also experience rain showers in summer as well as dry and clear skies during the winter.

TIP : During May, June and November, the weather is really nice and Guadeloupe is not too crowded. Moreover, it is the best period to enjoy all the flowers of the island.

Hurricanes and rain

In Guadeloupe, hurricanes can occur at any time, but August and September are the months when it will most likely occur. However today, the climate professionals developed state of the art storm warning systems that enable people to prepare themselves. Most of the time the progression of a hurricane is under high surveillance, and your chances of experiencing a hurricane are very low. However, you can still buy a trip cancellation insurance if it makes you feel safer.

The rain can also look spectacular by their abundance but will stop quickly. They are part of the beauty of the tropical climate and are at the origin of the beautiful nature of Guadeloupe.