Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

Here is a list of the Guadeloupean beaches:

In Grande-Terre:

Anse Bertrand

• Plage Anse Laborde.

• Pointe de la Vigie.

• Porte d’Enfer Lagoon: natural and preserved place, lagoon sheltered by the waves.


Ilet du Gosier Guadeloupe

Often crowded during the week end, this beach is very calm during the rest of the week. This is a familial place, where you can enjoy a small wind that will refresh you. The Caribbean nature is pretty spectacular as you can admire pelicans flying above the sea. Along the shore, there is a small harbor for fishermen and an observatory where it is possible to contemplate the animals living in the ponds.

• Anse Dunant or Plage de Saint Félix : 500m lenght, white sand, calm and accessible by car, restaurants.

• Plage du Petit Havre : calm beach located between Gosier and Sainte-Anne.

• La Plage des Salines : nice wild beach for winsurfers.

• Plage du Bourg : amazing view on Ilet Gosier.

• Pointe de la Verdure : this is the beaches of the hotels (Creole beach, Canella Beach, Salako,…)

 Le Moule

This is a world-famous surfing spot. The beach of Le Moule is the place to be for thrill seekers as well as for beginners. On any type of board, you will enjoy the waves and the beautiful nature of the Caribbean. Be careful though because sometimes the wind is strong, so always ask to locals if you can go in the water. There is also an incredible view on the belvedere next to the shore, for those who prefer to stay dry.

• Plage de la baie du Moule : white sandy beach with many surfers.

• Plage de l’Autre Bord : blonde sand, coconut trees, raisiniers and almonds.


• L’îlet à Cochons.

• La Marina : this the arrival of “La Route du Rhum“, a sailing event in France – harbour.

Petit Canal

• Plage de l’Anse Maurice : small white sand beach.


• Plage du Souffleur : one of the best beaches in Guadeloupe, with calm waters


plage de sainte anne

• Plage de la Caravelle (Club Med) :

La Caravelle is one of the most famous beaches of the Island as it is the beach of the Club Med. This is a very touristic beach but it is very beautiful. You can buy there swimsuits as well as crafted products.

• Plage du Bourg : one of the best beaches in Guadeloupe with a shallow lagoon ideal for children, white sand.

• Plage de Bois Jolan : white sand, raisiniers and coconut trees.

In the north of Grande Terre, Grand Cul de Sac Marin

• L’Ilet Caret, l’îlet à Fajou, l’îlet Macou: If you can do Ilet Caret for the journey, make the excursion with a boat. You will love it!



• Off the coast, the amazing “îlet de Petite Terre”, a small and preserved island with magnificient seabed. One of my favorite and must-do!!!

• Nudist beach at l’Anse Tarare.

• Anse à la Gourde.

• Plage des Raisins Clairs : beautiful popular beach.

• Pointe des Châteaux, one of the must-do activity

• Plage des Salines : white sand beach .

• Anse à la Barque.

• Anse du Mancenillier : view over Marie Galante.

 In Basse-Terre:


plage de grande anse gualdeoupe

• Plage de Grande-Anse : an amazing beach and one of my favorite. You will enjoy the restaurant Le Karacoli (creole cuisine). Be careful when if there are waves, the currents may be strong.

This beach is known for its golden sand and turquoise waters. The coconut trees will bring you shadow and fresh air to enjoy a nice picnic with your family. The access can be made by a nice and easy trail showing to explorers the beautiful nature surrounding the beach.


plage de malendure guadeloupe

• Anse à la Barque.

• Plage de Malendure : black sand beach, Ilets Pigeon, seabed of la Réserve Cousteau. If you love to dive this is the place to go!

• Anse à Sables.

• Petite Anse.


• Plage de l’Etang : wild beach.

• Rocroy : a pure heaven during the week.

• Plage du Bourg.


• Plage de Grande Anse : black sand beach with many coconut trees.


• Plage de Roseau : family atmosphere, sailing schools and football games.

• Plage de Bananier : grey sand beach.


• Plage de Sainte-Claire.