French Riviera

First step

The first step is to decide when and where you want to go, and where you want to stay. Please check out the other posts about how to plan your trip and the beautiful villas that we are offering. Once you know everything about when you will be traveling, you are ready to think about what to pack in your bags…

In your bag

As French Riviera is on the Mediterranean coast , don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, swimwear, towels and a hat. You will need everything you usually take when you go to the beach. Moreover, when you are thinking about what to pack, remember that it can be useful to have sportswear and hiking shoes as French Riviera  is a very mountainous place, even more if you would like to explore the wild nature of the Alps. In addition, don’t forget that the weather might be rainy in the hinterland. Therefore, don’t forget to pack a pullover or a sweater, even if it is a light one, to enjoy the nights that can sometimes get cooler. The electrical system is the European one so you will need standard European plugs or a 110-220 volts converter.

Medicine box

When wondering what to pack, think about a medicine box in which you can put all the medicine you need usually. You should add in it a mosquito repellent, and a good sun cream to avoid sunburns or bites that can be dangerous for your skin. Don’t forget to take your prescriptions in case you need it !


When it comes to photography equipment, don’t forget to take your camera ! An underwater camera or a GoPro can be a plus and will enable you to have incredible memories of your stay.


Money in French Riviera is the Euro. ATMs are available across the island and credit cards are accepted in most of the places (Visa, MasterCard in quite all shops, American Express not everywhere).

Important papers

Don’t forget to take with you your ID or passports that will be required for your flight. If you want to know more about the entry requirements.
Even if France does not have a high deal of crime, always keep an eye on your belongings. Don’t forget to take your reservation numbers and driver’s license if you planned on renting a car or a boat. And this is it… Your bags are packed and you are ready to come ! We are looking forward meeting you !