French Riviera


No vaccinations is needed. If anything would happen, French Riviera has many hospitals and emergency service very professional.
Finally, it’s very likely you’ve never be sick apart from sunburn, blisters, bugs bites and stomachaches resulting from a meal that is so good and “flavoured”!


The sea presents some dangers to not neglect.
Swim in the beautiful and only supervised beaches. Follow the advice of lifeguards and consider safety signs ( green, orange or red flags).
The Verdon canyon and lakes, as well as swimming in rivers present specific dangers (sudden rises of water, siphons, vortices, etc.). Again, find out about the possible pitfalls of the area.
Watch out for forest fires. Some massifs, such as the creeks, are prohibited from access in summer because of the risk of fire.
Before going on a walk, find out about the conditions of access to the massifs and respect the prohibition instructions.
Simple precautions are enough to avoid: do not leave anything in your car or hotel room, keep your purse close to you and do not leave your smartphone in evidence, especially on the cafe terraces.
Do not pay attention to horns from impatient drivers and follow your ride.
Finally, be careful on the mountain roads, which you share with the trucks and, in summer, with the many cyclists and coach buses.