Dive into Martinique

The island of Martinique lies in the midst of the Lesser Antilles and is surrounded by inviting crystal clear turquoise water teeming with vibrant and colorful marine life and preserved shipwrecks. As an idyllic family destination, Martinique welcomes divers as young as age 8 to explore its approximately 40 diving sites and discover its many underwater treasures.


Here are three dive sites that we recommend for the varied marine experience:

  • Le Recif du Sous-Marin

This site is a rock in the shape of a partially submerged submarine and is located between La Perle and the coast, in a mineral barrier which is remainder of a basaltic flow from the Montagne Pelee spreading over 100 kilometers. When you dive underwater expect to find tunnels and crevices in the rock filled with fishes, shellfishes, turtles, and gardens of feather gorgonians. The maximum depth is 25m for Open Water Diver.

  • Les Canyons de Babodi

When Montagne Pelee erupted it created canyons that form this dive site, located approximately 100 meters off the coast, opposite the Bourg du Pecheur. There is great visibility so divers will delight in the beauty of the entire site including the yellow scroll corals. Advanced Open Water Diver required dive to the bottom of the canyon. The maximum depth is 60m.

  • L’Amelie

This dive site, located south of Anse Turin, is perfect for level-one divers and is a shipwreck that is scattered across a posidonia bed. L’Amelie boat sank off Saint Pierre in 1902 and is a site that is filled with life including eels and fishes attached to the remainder of this boat. The maximum depth is 12m.


For more information on Diving in Martinique, click here.

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