Discover The Historical Side of St Barts

Sure St Barth is renowned as the premier destination for those seeking an elegant and luxurious getaway filled with a sophisticated nightlife and restaurant scene rivaling many international cities. However, there is a historical side to St Barth which you can explore at a relaxing pace while soaking in the spectacular vistas available from every angle on this French isle.

Place Vanadis

In 1874 the last Swedish warship, Vanadis, departed St Barth carrying the official possession of the Swedish crown departed and St Barth was transferred from Sweden to France, this square was named for the ship.

Wall House Museum

Located not too far from Place Vanadis is Wall House Museum which is one of the largest buildings in Gustavia and is said to have been built during 1785-1878 and can be found at La Pointe on Gustavia Harbor. The building has been recently restored historic building dating from the Swedish period – 1785 to 1878. The Museum features artifacts and pictorial documents giving a glimpse in St Barth’s past, before the celebrities.


Ship in Wall House Museum Image by Roger Walldstat

Fort Gustave and The Gustavia Lighthouse

Fort Gustave and the Gustavia lighthouse is located on the edge of Gustavia atop a hill with an awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of the former pirate refuge port and the ocean filled with modern yachts. The fort was built by the Swedish in 1787 and the current ruins include a guardhouse and a wood-burning oven. The Gustavia Lighthouse was built in 1961 and stand at 210 feet above sea level.


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