Bon Appetit in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Islands offer a diverse culinary experience that combines traditional French cuisine from mainland France with French-Caribbean flavor reflected in the local creole cuisine – dishes influenced by the islands’ French, African, Caribbean, and South-Asian cultural heritage. The Guadeloupe Islands culinary scene has seen an emergence of nouvelle creole cuisine – creole dishes fused with international dishes – that will tantalize your palates. Fresh ingredients blossom on the menus as the islands are ideally located to enjoy fresh seafood direct from the ocean and the many local farms provide fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, and exotic fruits to flavor and excite the dishes.


There are over 200 restaurants so be prepared to enjoy diverse settings from exquisite fine dining to front porches and feet in sand ambiances and while Guadeloupe Islands is renowned for the French and creole cuisine, there are many restaurants specializing in Italian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines. This culinary adventure is made even more wonderful with award-winning rhum produced in the islands and French imported wines and champagne.

The islands proximity allows for culinary hopping and each island adds a distinct ingredient – La Desirade is reputed for its fresh seafood, Marie-Galante for its organic farms, Les Saintes for its sweet coconut custard treat Tourment d’Amour, Grand-Terre for its sophisticated dining scene, and Basse-Terre for its selection of creole restaurants.

Be sure to try these local favorite dishes:

  • Crabes Farcis – Stuffed crabs flavored with local spices and cooked to perfection
  • Accras de Morue – Delicious appetizers of fish dipped in seasoned batter and fried for a yummy finish
  • Creole Ouassous Fricasse – Spicy Crayfish like shellfish – Yummy


Bon appetit!

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