The famous drink of the French Caribbean, Ti-Punch

Ti-Punch cocktail is a popular rum-based mixed drink in the French Caribbean and almost in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

This simple drink is traditionally made with white rum “rhum agricole”, lime, and sugar cane syrup.

It is served as an apéritif before starting a meal as rhum is strongly alcoholic, up to 50°. The tradition is that when you are invited each one prepares his “own death”, where instead of serving the mixed drink, the bartender or host will simply place out the ingredients, and everyone will prepare the drink according to his or her own taste.
Some people drinks it on the morning and they called that “décollage” which means the “take-off”!


In Guadeloupe, the main distilleries are Bologne, Domaine de Séverin, Damoiseau
In Martinique, the most known are Saint James, Lamauny, Clément, Dillon…
For your information, the football player, Mikael Silvestre, who is a St Barts native, has created Rhum St Barts, a premium rhum brand.

sugar cane



– 5 cl of white rhum
– 2 cl of sugar cane
– 1 quarter of lime


1/ In a glass, crush the lime wedge with a pestle.
2/ Add the rum syrup and cane sugar, and stir a few seconds with a spoon before serving.


Some people add some ice but the real ti-punch is without.


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health.

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