Serge Occhipinti or the defi kite caraibe!

Serge Occhipinti is an incredible man who has decided to make a challenge: remount Martinique to St Martin by kitesurf.

The fact is that in January 24, 2011 Serge had a terrible accident by motorcycle and become disabled. For the doctors he had no chance to walk and less to practice his sport. After many operations, including one to install a nail to replace his femur broken in several pieces, Serge began a long and difficult battle. Months later and with many efforts and pain, he has succeeded to walk, run, cycle and surf.


Now, he has the challenge to navigate from Martinique to St Martin with his kitesurf, equipped with a prosthetic arm. It will take at least seven steps from 4 to 5 hours each to connect each point of arrival, depending on weather conditions (force and direction of winds, currents, wave heights).
At this time, Serge is preparing for this extreme journey and will need the support of sponsor. At this occasion, you can be a financial partner to accompany him. Check his website:


This project is very important for Serge to educate all people with physical disabilities. He wants to create an association located in Martinique that will allow disabled people to practice surf sport (kitesurf, windsurf, surf,etc…).

Check this French video of Serge on BFMTV, a famous French News TV channel:

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