Best Things to do for a Family in Guadeloupe

The Caribbean island of Guadeloupe is a glorious natural paradise that combines spectacular scenery, a vibrant cultural life, and fantastic infrastructure.

As a result, this Caribbean destination has become a favorite for families from all over the world, as it is not hard to find a range of varied activities that will suit everyone’s interests and preferences. Here are some of the most suitable activities that the island offers to families or best things to do for a family in Guadeloupe:

Guadeloupe Activities For Young Children

Parc des Mamelles

It’s no secret that children love visiting zoos. Guadeloupe’s Parc des Mamelles is one of the island’s best-rated attractions, and its exciting layout will surely catch the attention of the young ones in the family. Guadaloupe’s zoological park occupies nearly 10 acres of stunning natural forests, which are inhabited by jaguars, brightly colored tropical conures, raccoons, capuchin monkeys, and many more.

Glass-bottom Boat Trips

Families visiting Guadeloupe can now go on an exciting glass-bottom boat trip that takes visitors to the postcard-like island of Ilet Pigeon. The boat is equipped with slides and snorkeling gear, which will surely keep children entertained.

Deshaies Botanical Garden

Guadeloupe’s Botanical Garden is an exotic paradise and a great introduction to the island’s gorgeous nature. Kids will love discovering the hundreds of plant and animal species at this garden and feeding baby goats at a designated enclosure.

Guadeloupe Activities For Teenagers

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a fun-filled activity that can make a visit to Guadeloupe truly memorable. Quad Buggy offers a range of thrilling quad adventures that take participants from Guadeloupe’s lush forests to little-known beaches.


Watersports specialist company ID Kayak has designed a selection of watersport activities that will help teenagers make the most of their holiday in Guadeloupe. These include kayaking, paddling and boating in the island’s magnificent marine environment, which can be explored at leisure and under the supervision of qualified and experienced monitors.

Le Tapeur

This adventure park is ideal for teenagers looking for an active way of exploring Guadeloupe. Scenic canopy walks, zip-lines, and suspension bridges over the tropical forest are guaranteed entertainment.

Guadeloupe Activities for Everyone

Ilet Gosier

Ilet Gosier is the ideal place to spend some quality time as a family. Children, teenagers, and adults alike are guaranteed to enjoy the splendid scenery, which consists mostly of palm-tree lined white sand beaches. Local families come here on the weekends to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun by the sea, so why not do the same when visiting Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe’s Aquarium

aquarium de la guadeloupe
With its interesting range of marine fauna, a visit to Guadeloupe’s Aquarium is a great day out option for families. Despite its relatively small size, the Aquarium is a great place to spend a few hours during a holiday in Guadeloupe.

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