Visiting St Barts During Low Season

The low season is a great time for prospective vacationers to find some St Barts special offers.

The quieter period starts in April and is the perfect time to get some great discounts.
So why is the St Barts low season a great time to visit? You’ll find plenty of St Barts special offers with cheaper accommodation, especially in villas due to the lower levels of demand. Flights are generally cheaper as well and you may also find discounts for shopping, in restaurants and for car hire. The rich and famous who flock to the island are more likely to visit during the high season, but it is entirely possible that you see a recognizable face even in the low season, so keep your wits about you.

Villa Amancaya deck pool ocean view

The low season isn’t an empty time for St Barts events. There’s the Transat AG2R, a transatlantic sailing race which ends at the island. Grab a good viewpoint and watch the boats come sailing in! For 13 days at the beginning of August the island is hopping to the sounds of the electro rock music festival St Barts Summer Sessions, which features 17 venues and more than 40 artists. Later in August, the SBJam sees DJs and artists from across the Caribbean perform on the quayside in Gustavia.


If these St Barts events don’t appeal, there are plenty of choices for the rest of your time. There are local companies who will take you and your family on a diving trip, for example. Alternatively, you can rent a boat and explore, go snorkeling, rent a windsurfer or even take a submarine tour! If that all sounds a bit too active, go shopping in the upmarket boutiques or just chill out on the beach in the Caribbean sun. You can spend lazy afternoons and evenings in the local bars with a fruity cocktail or rent a car and explore the island’s windy roads – you’ll surely stumble upon a beachside restaurant or quiet cove. The only downside to the St Barts low season is that some restaurants and shops close for a month or so around August and September.


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