Where To Go Kitesurfing In The French Caribbean?

Having mile after mile of coastline and warm weather all-year-round, the islands of the French Caribbean have become a haven for kitesurfing aficionados. In this post we list the region’s best places to practice this fun sport.


The town of Le Moule is blessed with two white sand beaches and with exuberant natural scenery. The best waves are to be found at Le Moule Beach Park, which can be reached via kite cruises. Fishing boats double as water taxis, taking visitors to this kitesurfing spot and to some of the archipelago’s smaller islands. Sea urchins are plentiful here, so kitesurfers are advised to watch out whenever they are near the reefs.

The well-known spot is Salines Beach just after Gosier where you will find lots of friends to play with. The beach is easy to access and the conditions are perfect with minimum of waves for speed but you can go out of the bay and have some.

Other top spots are located in Sainte-Anne at Club Med beach and Ilet Caret island, an idyllic islet covered in sandy beaches and some palm trees.

Travelers are advised to book their trip in February, as during this time of the year great kiting conditions are virtually guaranteed every day. Detailed information on local kiting conditions is available from Action Kite Caraibes.


Salines Beach


Pointe Faula beach, near the fishing village of Le Vauclin, is Martinique’s top destination for surfers and kitesurfers, as it has a well-equipped water sports center. Cap Chevalier is another tranquil location, and is particularly suited for beginners.

A great spot is also in Sainte-Anne at Club Med Les Boucaniers where you will have nice wind and bay to navigate.

St Martin

Orient Bay is not only one of St Martin’s most stunning beaches, but is also a great place for experienced kitesurfers. The designated kiting area at this St Martin spot is 250 feet away from the beach and from the main swimming area. It is necessary to ride upwind in order to reach the kiting area.

The quieter waters of the lagoon are a good place for beginners to practice. Another great St Martin spot is the picture-perfect beach of Le Galion, located five minutes away from Club Orient and Orient Bay.


St Barts

St Barts offers kitesurfers deep bays and calm waters, particularly in the eastern coast of the island. Beginners often head to Grand Cul de Sac or to Petit Cul de Sac, as they both offer shallow waters that are ideal to practice. Further south is Toiny beach, known for its rugged scenery and bumpy water conditions. Lessons, transportation, and equipment rentals are available from Saint Barth Kite.


Video in Guadeloupe Ilet Caret by 360-Productions.net

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