St Martin, French Caribbean

Grand Case Beach

This white sand beach, located near a picturesque fishing village with the same name, is definitely worth a visit during you stay. Some consider it the most beautiful beach of the island. Most of the time, the beach will be yours. Covering a large area and nearby a village famous for its gourmet restaurants, you will for sure easily spend an entire day exploring the area. The transparency of the turquoise water makes it a known spot for snorkeling.

Grand Case beach is on the french side of the island, at approximately 15 min of driving from Marigot.

Mullet Bay Beach

During your stay in Saint Martin / St. Maarten, you should definitely consider checking out Mullet Bay beach. This place is ideal for those looking for relaxation and tranquility. The water is fresh, calm and pristine. There are surfable waves, but unfortunately there are no lifeguards. A couple of simple although appreciated restaurants border the beach. As this beach is getting renowned, we advise that you go there during the week to avoid the crowd of the week-end.

Mullet bay Beach is located on the dutch side of Sint Maarten, at approximately 30 min of driving from Philipsburg.

Orient Bay Beach

Also known as the « Saint Tropez of the Caribbean » due to its gorgeous views and its frequent celebrity sightings, Orient Bay beach is often considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. You will also find a wide range of restaurants, as well as many different activities. Recent travelers highlight the quality of the service of the beach clubs and restaurants nearby.

The Orient Bay beach is located on the French side of the island, at approximately 20 min of driving from Philipsburg.

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy is a set of three beaches surrounded by limestone cliffs. This place is renowned for its crystal clear water, but also for its incredible sunsets. You can visit Cupecoy for free. Yet, there are also paid parking lots at the adjacent Cupecoy and Saphire beach clubs. Nonetheless, families should know the northwest end section of the beach is clothing-optional. You can end your day in one of the multiple bars and restaurants surrounding Cupecoy.

Cupecoy is located on the west side of Sint Maarten, at approximately 30min of driving from Philipsburg.

Maho Bay Beach

If you are looking for tranquility, this place is not made for you to stay very long. However, if you want to see something original, if you are an aviation fanatic or just an amateur photographer, the place is worth a detour. This southwestern beach’s fame is due to its situation, right next to the Princess Juliana International Airport. The airport is so close that if you position yourself next to the landing strip you might feel the plane jet blasts. It is also possible to practice windsurf, or to simply enjoy a fresh drink in one of the several watering holes of Maho Bay Beach.