Martinique, French Caribbean


To plan your trip, you need to know more about the island’s climate to decide when to go. Martinique enjoys a tropical climate, meaning that December through May is what is called the dry season, compared to the so called rainy season, which spreads from June through November. The average air temperatures in coastal areas range from 22°C to 30°C (72°F to 86°F) while coastal water temperatures vary between 20°C and 25°C (68°F and 77°F).

In Martinique, temperature remains remarkably stable, with a variation of only 3°C (5°F) year-round. The Tradewinds, called Alizés, are the origin of this stability, bringing fresh breezes from the northeast.


The dry season is the most popular season among traveler is the dry season, especially during Christmas. During Christmas holidays, you may enjoy the Christmas celebrations that are unique : there is a carnival and very festive ceremonies, and all of this in a mesmerizing environment.

However, summer is also a nice time to go to Martinique as the island is less crowded, and so are beaches, restaurants or any activities. September is the rainiest month of the year for the island. However, during the rainy season, rainstorms passes very quickly and sun keeps shining most of the days.


In Martinique, hurricanes may occur from June through November, and more particularly in August and September. Nonetheless, it is unusual for one island to face more than one or two hurricane every ten years. However, climate change is susceptible to modify long-term patterns. It is also easy to foresee those events thanks to technology. Yet, some travelers chose to purchase trip cancellation assurance in advance of travel during this season.

When to go

Depending what you are planning to do during your stay in Martinique, the best time to go on the island may change. From May to June, the island is relatively quiet, and temperatures climb into the mid-80’s. Hence, this time is very appropriate if you just want to relax.

However, most of the important Martinique events occur during winter and until April (Carnival, Schoeler Nautical Week,…) or in July and August (Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France, International Bicycle Race, Yole Boat Race,..).

If you are planning on diving during your stay, the best months to practice this activity are October to May, although most dive schools run trips year round. In November, an International Marathon takes place on the island. It gathers runners from an large range of foreign countries for an incredible experience.