Martinique, French Caribbean

Les Salines

Les Salines is often referred to as one the most beautiful beaches in Martinique. This peaceful white sand beach offers a view of St Lucia. There are a few waves, that grow occasionally at a reasonable level, perfect for body surfing. You can also find some snack bars, restaurants, fresh fruit and ice cream vendors hidden in the trees but with still an extraordinary view of the beach.

Le Diamant Beach

This beach is located in the town of Le Diamant, in the south west corner of the island. From the beach, you may admire the “Diamond Rock” or in French “Le Rocher du Diamant”. The “Diamond Rock”, lying 3 kilometers from mainland Martinique, besides being a beautiful natural spot, was the site of an interesting slice of naval history. Indeed, after the British dropped sailors on the Diamond Rock and registered the rock as a ship, it took the French more than 17 months and a lot of creativity to take back the rock. Today this rock is certainly one of the island’s best diving sites.

Travelers choose this peaceful beach for its tranquility. However, you should know some travelers recommended not swimming at this beach as currents can be strong. Diamond Beach is about 20 miles south of Fort-de-France and is accessible by car or taxi.

Anse Ceron, Le Precheur

Anse Ceron is a magnificent black sand beach at the edge of the island’s tropical jungle. To access to this beach, a few hundred meters walk is necessary, and the road may be difficult while approaching the trail, but the landscape is worthy. Indeed, it is hard not to enjoy the calm of this wild and romantic beach. The Anse Céron is not crowded, as it is situated on the north of the island. There is no restaurants available there, but restrooms.

Anse Noir et Anse Dufour

Anse Noir is the only black sand beach in the south of Martinique, and is surrounded by a luxurious vegetation. This beach offers colorful views and plenty of fishes. It is a recommended spot for those who like snorkeling, and you might even see turtles, as they are known for coming around this place. There is also a long dock on which you can relax. Right next to Anse Noir is Anse Dufour, which is a nice and quiet beach but that may be crowded in the afternoon.

Anse Figuier

Located in the southwest of the Island, Anse Figuier is accessible through the N5. It is nearby the Ecomusée de la Martinique. This white sand beach, besides being idyllic, is perfect for children as the water is shallow. Also, if you appreciate snorkeling, this beach is known for having much fishes.

Please note that if you are planning to go on a black sand beach : black sand gets extremely hot in the Caribbean sun, so bringing flip flops or sandals with you is preferable.