Authentic Family-Friendly Adventure in the French Caribbean

Travel beyond the ordinary this fall and take your family on a getaway to the isles of the French Caribbean.

Once you have selected your “home away from home” from our exquisite collection of luxury villas, we encourage you to take advantage of your enchanting surroundings and explore the islands of the French Caribbean. Collectively they offer a setting where natural beauty inspires authentic experiences and an exotic cultural blend of France, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean that gives delicious surprises.

Our dedicated team of concierge is at your disposal to arrange memorable and authentic experiences to enhance your luxury villa vacation. Here are two must-do family-friendly activities our concierge in Martinique and Guadeloupe recommend for your family getaway.

Discover the Secrets of French Creole Cuisine in Martinique


The island of Martinique is known for its sublime cuisine – a fusion of French and Creole dishes – and Les Ateliers Medelices invites you and your family on an unforgettable gastronomic journey into the island’s culinary history. Cooking activities with Chef Jean-Charles Bredas range from creating your own menu to learning the secrets of an existing menu and spending the morning making delicious French-Creole fused Hors d’oeuvres. You can discover the secrets of traditional creole dishes with the Martinican Kitchen Workshop that fully explores the everyday cooking styles of Martinicans. Les Ateliers Medelices also take you beyond the kitchen to local farms, the root of Martinique’s unique delicious flavors, where you can witness first hand traditional, modern and organic farming methods. Tour options include a trip to the only mushroom farm in Martinique and to a tropical fruit garden.  Your family vacation begins with the booking of your luxury villa from our collection of villas in Martinique. Click here to book now! Luxury Villas in Martinique

Explore the Art of Making Chocolate in Guadeloupe


Chocolate was introduced to Guadeloupe in the 17th century and La Maison du Cacao in Pointe-Noire, Basse-Terre invites you and your family to explore its historical and delicious timeline. Nestled in a small tropical garden, on the site of a former Cocoa plantation, the engaging and informative adventure reveals all the delicious secrets of chocolate. The tour takes you to the beginning – from the moment humans first discover cocoa and its many benefits, on the journey as chocolate is introduced across the world and how cocoa was transformed to chocolate and its taste evolution throughout history.  At the end of the tour, your guide will re-introduce your taste buds to the authentic taste of chocolate including how local traditions has influence the creation of chocolate blends unique to Guadeloupe. Visitors can also taste and buy La Maison du Cacao’s own organic chocolate. Your family vacation begins with the booking of your luxury villa from our collection of villas in Guadeloupe. Click here to book now! Luxury Villas in Guadeloupe!

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